Getting Started with Pricing

At Plivo, we strive to ensure that you pay for only what you use. You get charged as and when you make a call, send a message or buy a phone number. For phone numbers you will be charged a monthly rental fee as well.

If you foresee a large usage, we are happy to offer volume discounts. Reach out to us here.

Voice Pricing

Voice calls are charged as per usage. The voice call rates vary based on:

  • Call Direction - Inbound or Outbound.
  • Phone Number Type - Regular or Toll Free Number.
  • Phone Number Prefix - Determined through longest matching prefix.
  • Voice Units - Per minute or per second rating.

You can check the global Voice pricing here.

SMS Pricing

SMS are charged based on per-message rate. The message rates vary based on:

  • Message Direction - Sending (outbound) or Receiving (inbound) messages.
  • Phone Number Type - Regular or Short Codes.
  • Destination Network - Determined by the MCC and MNC of the recipient phone number.

You can check the global SMS pricing here.

Pricing API

You can fetch pricing for a specific country using the Pricing API by providing the two digit ISO code for the country. The API responds with the following:

  • Inbound and outbound message rate
  • Inbound and outbound voice rate for local, SIP and toll free numbers
  • Local and toll free phone number monthly fee

You can use the following Python code to fetch pricing. Examples in other languages can be found in the Pricing API reference.

import plivo
auth_id = "Your AUTH_ID"
auth_token = "Your AUTH_TOKEN"

p = plivo.RestAPI(auth_id, auth_token)

params = {
	'country_iso' : "GB" # The 2 digit country ISO code.

response = p.pricing(params)
print str(response)