Get started with Plivo Endpoints

What is a Plivo Endpoint?

A Plivo endpoint, also known as SIP endpoint, can be any IP phone, mobile phone, wireless device or PDA, a laptop or desktop PC, that uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to perform communications operations.

When should I use an Endpoint?

Endpoints are needed for the following cases:

  • When you want to make or receive calls using your SIP Phone with Plivo
  • When you are using Plivo BrowserSDK, Plivo iOS SDK or Android SDK to create an app that can make or receive calls.

How do I create an Endpoint?

You can create an endpoint using two methods:

  1. Programmatically using our Endpoint API or
  2. Manually using Plivo dashboard which is explained here.

You need to sign up for a Plivo account before creating an ‘Endpoint’. Once you signup and login click on the ‘Endpoint” tab and select “New Endpoint” as shown below.

Endpoint creation

Once you click on ‘New Endpoint’, you will see a screen as shown below.

Endpoint creation screen

While creating an endpoint, you need to provide a username and a password to access this endpoint. You need to provide these credentials to use this endpoint in any of the Plivo SDKs.

Please note that the username that needs to be used is not exactly the one that you provided. The username gets appended with few digits at the end. For example, if the username you provided is ‘abcde’ the credential that needs to be provided in the SDKs might look like ‘abcde170522161520’. You can find this credential in the Endpoints tab.

How to attach an application to an Endpoint?

You can get started with Application using this guide. Once you create an application, you can select the desired application that needs to be attached while creating an endpoint.